extracted kiss

extracted kiss, 2008, life size, silicone

Photos: Hans-Martin Asch, Anselmo Fox

As a rule, when you see the kiss, you do not feel it; if you feel it, you do not see it. […] clearly two-parted, even two-leaved, but irregular, somehow alienating, bay-like, hunched shape in front of eyes, very precisely provided with funniest pores, folds, Gaumenriffelungen, Zahnnegativen, lip wrinkles. The head and body of the kisser are absent; physically present is the negative of both mouths. Never was a kiss closer and more distant at the same time. Invalid, alien, inexpressive, cold, even repugnant and yet in a curious way, exciting, mesmerizing: one weighs the inside of the mouth of two people in the hand, turns it back and forth, looks through the cavity of the tongue, through the hole into another tongue into it – and remembers the “adversary” that Lessing talks about when mouths open. Here we are in the mouth.
Hartmut Böhme exploring the oral cavity – To the art of Anselmo Fox, p. 20, New Aesthetics. Munich 2002