habitate II

habitate II, 2011-2016
multi-part video and sound installation (variable, Superslowmotion, Loop, 16: 9)
Bee colonies, bombarded reliefs of the Victory Column in Berlin.

New Society for Fine Arts (nGbK) Berlin Germany
Photos: Astrid Ackermann

Kunsthaus Aarau Switzerland
Photos: Kaspar Ruoff

Stills, Gallery North | Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin Germany
Photos: Anselmo Fox

habitate II is part of a series of work of by the artist Anselmo Fox, that undergoes the experiment to perceive bullet holes in art monuments within the urban space, with it’s distinctive radiance onto the observer as well as the sculptor himself. To perceive them at the origin of human actions, to examine them “anatomically” and to decode them culturally despite of there brutality.
The trail of an impacting visualisation is at first glance just a difference in materiality. But following the meaning of the word identifies it Vis-à-Vis, forms a physical place, that frames the historic as well as the current within the orbital cavity of the eye.
The video installation habitate II deals with, following the meaning of the word, the subtle sense of art and devotes itself to the phenomenon the perforated relief of the Siegessäule and it’s subsequent population by insects.
The bees penetrate as pioneers the formally enclosed space behind the semantically condensed surfaces of the bronze cast-state-ideology and explore it as there new protective- and living-space – there habitat. Cell architectures are being built. Bee colonies founded.
The flight manoeuvres of the bees visualise and mark the penetration of live forms and the expansion of the perforated anthropomorphised surfaces into an in depth ecological niche. These partly visible activities lead into the imagery of the sculpture as a constant expansion and aesthetic alienation. With the “language of the German-Danish-War” and the hit regions of the depicted human bodies, lead in the exact same population of the bullet holes in a semantic deepening into the zones of the relief.
The insects nourish the suggestion of there architectural construction as monstrous, as combination of a body mass hidden behind the surface, but also a animated trail of human vision.