in limbo

in limbo, 2013–16, ø 50–90 cm, 11-teilige Werkgruppe
Atem, Glas, Basaltsand
Fotos: Astrid Ackermann, Anselmo Fox

Anselmo Fox is perhaps the artist who best radically “takes our breath away” while at the same time capturing us intensely physically through a counter gesture of maximum release. Our breath is frozen and yet we are moved…order falls apart, yet it remains within the frame. The inscrutable is embedded in the visual…
The internal, the external, what defines insight, oversight and transparency is present, inextricably merged. Distortions and reflections challenge the intellect with illegibility. Normal human orientation in space comes unhinged, thus demanding a new multidimensional concept of space. The perceptual experience could perhaps most accurately be described as a pressure imprint. Glass is transparent, glass is stretchable, crushable, can be formed into every conceivable shape. Yet only through the umbilical cord like stump through which the breath flowed in the glass blowing process can the inside be viewed, is insight possible. Breath is no longer there yet nonetheless present, preserved (captured) simultaneously in a space between.
The imprint or impression of a skull suggests the same ambivalence between the material and the immaterial through a visual tactility. The reversal of the relationships is key: breath that usually flows through the inside of the skull – albeit in reverse direction and displaced enables a transfer of the skull as a fragmented impression in the outer surface of the glass. The skull and the bubble touch each other, separate entities encompass one another. Glass is a medium of perception (cognition?). Such philosophical constructs are not objects in the narrower sense. Let your thoughts coast freely, think plastically, feel the power of modulation, for that is the essence of life.


Sabine Arlitt from a floating cohesion, speech at the exhibition “MehrSalz” in the Salzhaus Brugg Switzerland, 2014