portavoce, 2000, lebensgross 0,5 mm dickes Kupferblech, Grünspan
Fotos: Anselmo Fox

[…] as far as I can see, no artist has approached the mouth from the inside. Anselmo Fox has been trying for several years to explore the enigmatic threshold between the self and the world from an impossible perspective, by modeling the cavities, which are opened and closed again by every bite, scream or kiss, and models them in a variety of ways. […] they remind remotely of exotic flowers or strangely shaped stones […..]. And yet the unsharp interior is not only aesthetically appealing, but also alarmingly alien – in the sense of Freud’s analysis of the “uncanny”, which is always able to express the secret, the immediate, the mystery of the last “home” in its own body.

Thomas Macho Berlin, May 9, 2000